The increasing demand of wireless networks

The increasing demand of wireless networks

 The increasing demand of wireless networkswireless

This is the era of technology and we hear every day, a new technology or innovation in the market. Wireless systems are becoming increasingly popular and the life is getting more and more dependent on technology. With the passage of time there is new development in the field of telecommunications as well. Many major project and business firms are looking for wireless solutions. Another major example is the wireless internet that we use on daily basis.

Wireless systems must be designed for the communication demands of today and tomorrow's increasingly connected world.   As data demand continues to grow, enterprise will need to “Rip and Replace” their current systems with a more advanced systems to connect to any RF source, to fully leverage their network assets and support their customers’ and staff’s needs.

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New wireless systems technologies offer a single platform which is an ideal fit for enterprise deployments in high-rise, health care, hospitality and higher education markets.  They also will enable significant CAPEX and OPEX savings by reducing the need for parallel network infrastructure and eliminating costly rip and replace infrastructure upgrades.

The new optical systems have the flexibility to provide unlimited bandwidth and extend reach to support multiple in-building applications including DAS, Wi-Fi, E-911 public safety and any other IP services.  The features of these systems include:

  • All-optical integrated SISO/MIMO antenna for maximum service delivery and virtually unlimited bandwidth support
  • Seamless optical links enable unprecedented location capabilities for location-based services (LBS) such as E911 and asset tracking
  • Cellular service optimized
    • Modular design for future service additions or seamless MIMO upgrades
    • Signal source diagnostic supporting traditional and new sources such as small cells
    • Flexible capacity steering capabilities
    • Built-in spectrum monitoring
  • Gigabit Ethernet backhaul and Wi-Fi support
    • Fiber provides broadband capabilities for today and tomorrow’s data throughput needs

In the modern world where we talk of globalization, communication forms an important part. Wireless Distributed Antenna System and the small cell solutions provide an effective medium of communication. There is a lot of competition in the market today and even the consumers today are demanding a consistent wireless broadband coverage.

While implementing such wireless solutions it is important to take care of public safety as well. Telecommunications have to be made efficient but not at the cost of the lives of people. Before the setting up of the wireless based solutions it is important to understand the requirements and proceed accordingly. At times, the systems are set-up and they are not even utilized properly. Therefore, it becomes important to analyze what is needed. Wireless networks are reliable and they work well, as we can see how efficiently the wireless internet works.

The installations of the Wi-Fi systems are important and have to be performed by the most skilled technicians, because even a single mistake can be very costly. There are many professionals who are trained to install these systems.  The sites where the communication systems are to be installed are first analyzed by a team of people and then the required equipment is installed. We cannot deny how convenient our lives have become after the advent of the technologically advanced telecommunications and wireless systems.

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