Setting up a turnkey WiFi System

Setting up a turnkey WiFi System

optiglow wifiAn effective and high performing Wifi system has become the necessity for all the businesses in the modern era. You can’t expect people moving around with their laptops and searching for a wire to connect with the LAN. Moreover, with the widespread use of tabs, the need for Wi-Fi systems has been on a rise.

Thus, the need of a safe, secured WiFi hotspot of a key element to the success of any business. It is also important that an entity looks at monetizing the investment that the business is making.

In places where in the traffic of internet users are very high, the demand for the mobile data exceeds the availability. Also, with the rising costs of the mobile data and availability of smart phones and tabs in every hand, the need for Wi-Fi networks is on a rise, that too, a service which offers high speeds and uninterrupted service. Decreased performance of a WiFi network is a huge dampener since data hungry people are looking and searching for effective wireless networks to flout their gadgets.

Setting up a turnkey Wifi system is more than just the installation. A good service provider of a turnkey Wi-Fi service must do a complete preliminary analysis of the service that is required. This certainly needs a lot of experience and expertise. Once the analysis and detailed understanding is developed, a race and a survey of the premises where the system will be installed must be done, based on which a detailed plan must be outlined. Post the planning phase that comes the deployment phase. The job doesn’t end here though. The post installation service is as important as the entire process of installation itself.

A turnkey approach in the design, application and administration of indoor or outdoor carrier Wi-Fi radio access network infrastructure for users that want to deploy a merged secure wireless internet service with affordability and ease must be implemented. Installation of high availability wireless access points and relays, network management infrastructure is a mandate. Each wireless network must be designed and deployed with security, availability and lifecycle cost efficiency in mind from the very beginning. Installing a turnkey Wifi system is a must for telecommunication providers who have the urge to market quickly with a quality, Wi-Fi product offering leveraging their existing IP network infrastructure. The system must be made flexible and effective enough to be used in VoIP services too for telecommunications operators.

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  1. James Calvert

    It is true that wired connections are simply not viable in today’s society, and with so many people trying to access online services at the same time on so many different devices, there is more need than ever in my company for a safe, secure and fast WiFi solution. This seems to me like the perfect solution for my company, especially considering how much more bandwidth we are consuming these days. I think that perhaps our best option is to upgrade to 802.11AC, in order to solve our bandwidth issue, so I’m looking forward to having it installed soon.

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