Optiglow and the deployment of DAS small cells and Wi-Fi According to Researchmoz

Optiglow and the deployment of DAS small cells and Wi-Fi According to Researchmoz

According to Researchmoz, DAS, small cells and Wi-Fi deployments are expected to carry more than 60% of all mobile network data traffic by 2020. As today’s mobile users demand access to more content and the ability to share content from nearly anywhere, infrastructure must be fortified to support and enable end-users from wherever they are located. Whether they are in a store, at a sporting event, sitting in a park, traveling, visiting a relative in the hospital, at work, or at home, end users’ insatiable appetite for mobile content is shaping the way we need to look at our current and future technology infrastructure. No longer are people just using a wireline connection to access the Internet; smart phones and the proliferation of mobile devices are providing users access to more and more information on the go. Our commercial buildings, municipalities, stadiums, retail businesses, hospitals, hotels, universities, and more must be engaged with today’s technology providers and their solutions to ensure their business and consumers are enabled.


  1. George Malinowski

    Wow that’s crazy! It’s so interesting to see how the future will change technology as we know it today, and how the way we operate is sure to change accordingly.

  2. Marcus Dwight

    Oh my! I would be lying if I didn’t say just how impressive this all is! This could really be the solution to poor coverage in buildings, and finally providing customers with the service they deserve when they spend so much on networking. This is really good to see.

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