What is a distributed antenna system (DAS)?

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DAS Stands for Distributed Antenna Systems. DAS is a network of spatially separated antennas that receive their waves from one central antenna, providing a wireless network within a geographic area or structure.

With a standard in-building DAS System, the cellular source is usually at a higher elevation, and it provides the wireless signal to the building.

Signals are transmitted into the building through head-end equipment which converts the Radio frequency signals to digital pulse signals.

Wireless distribution then disperses the digital signals throughout the building by way of fiber cabling, and are received by remote node locations that convert them back into Radio frequency signals and radiate them through multiple, strategically situated antennas for reliable in building wireless coverage.

In-building cellular is now one of the leading verticals in the technology sector. Reliable wireless distribution is an integral part of business and pleasure, and it is only high quality wireless communication systems that can deliver an optimal wireless network system.  So it's important to find a company that has the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to handle your in building wireless installation, such as Optiglow Systems.

Optiglow Systems has designed custom DAS and  repeater solutions and can help you with your In building wireless needs.


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  1. Annie Paulson

    I appreciate the really high quality and detailed video provided here, I now have a much better understanding of DAS and how it works now. I think that this is certainly something that I will be considering in the near future, as it is about time our building installs a DAS system to improve our cellular connectivity and increase our staff’s productivity!

  2. Jessica Morris

    Thanks for the video! I’m new to all of this, so the information provided in such a clear way as in the video is really appreciated. I think that after watching this video, I know why I definitely need the DAS systems in my workplace, especially with our current unbearable networking solution, which is simply below the standard it needs to be at to cope with our usage.

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