Several years ago, we started Cel-Fi because we got really frustrated at the lack of indoor coverage of mobile networks, and thought that we should do something about it.

Traditional analog-based signal boosters were not (and still are not) that exciting to us, we thought we could do better than that by moving to a full digital solution. Plenty of indoor solutions and products existed, but as their numbers increased it became clear to Operators worldwide that their usefulness was limited and they were actually harming network capacity and profit.

We realized that a completely new type of product would be needed, and we decided to build a booster with none of the potential for degrading the wireless network for which analog repeater products are infamous. A team of some of the industry’s best minds was assembled to work along side Operators to define Cel-Fi requirements & design.

Fast forward to today, we just released the second generation of our product, Cel-Fi, and are really proud of it. Completely new, very different, and it works. Cel-Fi is the all-digital, high tech mobile booster that we dreamed of. And its performance keeps surprising us. So much in fact that even the network operators have adopted it.

We like to say that we became the leading developer of indoor coverage technology, which optimizes the experience of wireless subscribers and increases Radio Frequency (RF) network capacity for mobile operators. Along the way, we built a significant patent-pending technology portfolio.

With our veteran engineering team, we leveraged advanced signal processing and intelligent antenna design to create a new market for self-configuring, environmentally aware indoor coverage systems.

Cel-Fi Systems are carrier-grade devices that are designed to eliminate in-building dead zones and work in harmony with the cellular macro network.

And yes, we are based in San Diego!