A one-year maintenance service contract is provided, free of charge, with a DAS system.

If required, our technicians perform rigorous, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance inspections. Optiglow’s distributed antenna systems are generally maintenance-free.

A three-year service contract is provided, with the first year free of charge, with installation. If required, our technicians perform rigorous, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance inspections. We also offer repair and response programs tailored to fit the needs of the client.

  • Site visits include an annual preventive maintenance routine and full assessment report. This includes cable and fiber testing, equipment inventory reports, system diagnostics, and other analyses.
  • System monitoring of select systems is done by way of a broadband wireless network router installed by Optiglow. Other monitoring options are available, such as initial alarm notification, remote diagnostic status, and progress reports during each step of the repair.
  • A service level agreement is provided with each DAS system, providing support for the client’s wireless network.
  • Aside for the manufacturer’s warranty, Optiglow offers a one-year warranty on all in-building wireless systems, as well as additional warranties, as needed.

    OPTIGLOW WAS FOUNDED to meet the needs of the wireless service providers, business and the community  WITH A VISION OF AN INTERCONNECTED WORLD.

    As a product independent Consulting company, we are able to deliver expert support for complex proprietary hardware and software project implementations. Our experienced staff consists of professional industry trained managers, technical engineers and field technicians, ensuring satisfaction in every aspect of your implementation. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience delivering advanced communications solutions. Our extensive experience in wireless, voice, data and construction is unsurpassed with over 10,000 network sites and carrier facilities under our belt.

    OPTIGLOW prides itself on offering inbuilding wireless solutions that are planned by the industry’s most innovative and skilled engineers and architects, installed by accomplished technicians, and maintained by diligent operators. The team features a conglomerate of wireless and utility industry experience that works to deliver turnkey solutions and best-in-class services to wireless carriers and enterprise clients.

    OPTIGLOW clients experience unhindered transmission of key wireless connections, including 3G and 4G networks, PTT capabilities, medical telemetry, and other vital services. Whether working with healthcare facilities, education, hospitality, real-estate, Fortune 500 enterprise, or other industries, OPTIGLOW looks to deliver a DAS system that will satisfy industry-specific requirements.

    Optiglow has designed and implemented Distributed Antenna Systems in cities throughout the country.  They are constantly adjusting to the tides of change, remaining a step ahead of evolving technology for an in building wireless solution that fuses current conveniences with the future’s technological advancements.

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