How Do You Get Mobile Connectivity Coverage In Rural Areas?

How Do You Get Mobile Connectivity Coverage In Rural Areas?

Optiglow Systems LLC, is a telecommunications company that provides wireless networks that enhances cellular reception anywhere through the use of state-of-the art distributed antenna systems.

mobileThey work with healthcare to hospitality and beyond, Optiglow uses a combination of knowledge and experience to build a wireless DAS system that fits specific projects.

Optiglow uses the highest quality DAS components from the in building wireless leading manufacturers such as Dali Wireless. Now with Dali Wireless and their new HDS™ (High Density System) for Intelligent Wireless Coverage and Dynamic Capacity Allocation Optiglow can now help provide mobile connectivity to rural areas.

As mobile connectivity becomes ubiquitous, coverage is also needed in rural areas.
However, rural areas tend to have low density of users and business economics sometimes do not justify a separate deployment for the rural areas. With HDS, Optiglow can now install a solution in a major city and route the capacity to the nearby rural area where coverage is needed. Optiglow will have the flexibility to allocate resources dynamically to best utilize the scarce spectrum and provide a truly future-proof solution.

In a typical urban deployment, operators need to support the wireless peak load for each individual building where mobile usage and user density are high. With HDS, capacity over-provisioning is no longer an issue. HDS can dynamically pool capacity together and route it to where and when it is needed. HDS transforms any radio frequency signals from base stations into IP, CPRI, or IP/CPRI-like packets to allow "any-to-any RF routing" within a software-defined virtualized radio distribution network. With this revolutionary approach, operators can address the challenges and limitations of traditional DAS including link budget, capacity over-provisioning, interference and handovers.

"HDS is uniquely different from both conventional analog and even other digital systems. HDS is built upon a decade worth of patented digital signal processing, proprietary RF power amplifiers and advanced networking technologies; rather than incrementally building on current DAS concepts," said Albert Lee, CEO of Dali Wireless. "This puts Dali's customers in a position to maximize ROIs in this rapidly evolving telecommunications ecosystem. HDS is a differentiator for our customers to monetize trends now and in the future."

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