Retail Solution

Consumers today expect instant results and perpetual connectivity, and sharing the shopping experience is often a big contributor in the final purchase.

Optiglow provides a building to building wireless Retail Solution that will ensure customer satisfaction and repeat shoppers.

Customers who can maintain coverage in a retail environment are more inclined to stay in the store longer and spend more money.  The retailer can communicate sales promotions over the customers cell phone as the customer enters the building.

Customers who experience consistent cell signals in a shopping center will be more inclined to return, as the shopping experience is made more convenient and user-friendly. A properly designed distributed antenna system will provide wireless coverage throughout the shopping center, no matter the size.

  • Wireless capability to handle high traffic areas such as conference rooms
  • Complete wireless coverage over shopping centers large or small
  • Cellular connectivity in stores, food courts, and public areas
  • Ability for customers to bring up coupon codes and promotions on smartphones, ipods, and other data sources
  • Supporter of radio waves for emergency personnel in case of emergency

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