Industrial Solution

Optiglow Provides an Industrial Solution with In-Building Wireless options

Provision of enhanced in-building wireless services to increase staff efficiency and safety

The Challenge

Nowhere is the need for clear communication as evident as in the industry sector. A mobile workforce, working within a highly secured, hazardous environment that is often spread out over a wide area with multiple buildings needs clear communication, indeed, it is vital to the efficiency and the safety of the facility. The provision of reliable, ubiquitous in-building wireless coverage ensures that this need is met.

Wireless services may include:

Commercial cellular and WiFi communications

The emergence of pioneering, new mobile applications has dramatically increased the mobility and expectations of staff for ubiquitous coverage wherever they may be on the site.

Public Safety Communications

The hazardous nature of these working environments firmly places the issue of safety and protection of personnel at the top of the agenda. There is the need and very often the regulatory requirement, to improve the provision of wireless services in industrial facilities. In recent years, in addition to employee safety, ensuring the safety of emergency service personnel entering a building in their day to day work and in emergency or disaster situations has become critical.


Building - The ability to run applications such as motion sensors, door locks, lighting, alarm sensors etc wirelessly over the core in-building infrastructure reduces energy consumption, operating costs and disruption.

Telemetry - Dosimetry and Wireless SCADA

Other wireless services that can be covered include...

  • Push-to-Talk
  • 2-Way radio
  • Paging

The Benefits of Enhanced Wireless Coverage

Many industrial sites are now embracing wireless technology and in building wireless coverage as a means to solving the issues of efficiency, communication and staff safety

  • Increased efficiency - provision of seamless communication and information access
  • Improved response times as staff accessible at all times
  • Optimization of IT expenditure through the provision of a reliable, in building wireless coverage.
  • Selective streaming of services to certain areas within the building or campus
  • Provision of a safe, secure environment through ubiquitous public safety coverage
  • Future upgrades can be made without a need for additional install time in highly secured, restricted areas.

The Solution

The wide variety of structures in an industrial environment bring their own unique set of challenges for the provision of in-building coverage. Different building shapes and different materials such as steel and secured concrete structures, cause in-building penetration of RF signals to weaken resulting in reduced data rates and even complete loss of signal. In addition, consideration has to be given to the need for a system that will minimize the potential for interference from high voltage machinery and with the ability to cope with the extended distances between the site buildings. In an environment with so many areas having restricted and time limited access, it is essential that the chosen in building solution deployed is fast and easy to install causing minimal disruption.

OPTIGLOW's unique Wideband Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) removes many of the traditional issues and considerations associated with delivering multiple RF services in buildings. It provides ubiquitous coverage for all wireless services on one easily installed system. In addition, services can easily be routed to the areas of the building where they are required i.e. Dosimetry can be routed to areas where there may be radiation.


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