The wireless phenomenon has become a key component in office buildings and is integral to all areas of enterprise.

Building owners and managers of all types of building from hotels to hospitals are under pressure to provide ubiquitous in-building wireless (IBW) coverage. There are several reasons why they are compelled to address this issue.

We know that 90-95% of mobile data sessions originate inside buildings and building users now expect support for all mobile operators and emerging technologies, such as LTE. In those buildings where the operator will not provide wireless coverage the need to deliver falls back on the building owner. Landlords are driven by tenants who are increasing asking for in-building wireless coverage. At the same time local authorities, healthcare trusts and companies now accept that the adoption of in-building wireless coverage not only meets the needs of staff or tenants to have wireless access anytime anywhere, but can also increase staff productivity, save money and give them a competitive edge. In addition the building owner has to provide public safety radio, which is sometimes required by legislation.

Optiglow offers a wireless platform that will synthesize technology of the present with that of the future, providing a leg up on the competition with a hi-tech in building wireless solution.

A wireless network solution that provides a reliable system for cellular and data communication is priceless in the corporate world. Optiglow works with buildings and businesses of all sizes to design a distributed antenna system that will handle the influx of information necessary on-demand in today’s workplace.

  • Wireless capability to handle high traffic areas such as conference rooms
  • Complete wireless coverage over buildings large or small
  • Reliable cell phone signals and data communication throughout offices and common areas
  • Building to building network solutions in large business complexes
  • Transmission of radio waves for first responders in the event of an emergency

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