Optiglow Systems LLC offers Cel-Fi Pro LTE for AT&T!

Optiglow Systems LLC offers Cel-Fi Pro LTE for AT&T!

Optiglow Systems LLC  is very proud to announce they now offer the new Cel-Fi Pro for img1AT&T for 3G / 4G and LTE. The all-new Cel-Fi Pro is the first commercially available smart signal booster built on a  third-generation Cel-Fi baseband processor. It now supports LTE, provides 10 times the gain of earlier versions, and uses patented echo-cancellation algorithms for stronger signals in the coverage area. Cel-Fi Pro is the world’s first all-digital signal booster, and is immediately available in the U.S. for AT&T subscribers. Oh, and it is also very beautiful!

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The new Cel-Fi Pro for AT&T:
- LTE and 3G/4G. Up to four bands with channels of 5, 10, 15 or 20MHz to support up to 35MHz of boosted bandwidth.
- 10 times more gain than the earlier version.
- Automatic configuration in the selection of UMTS/HSPA+/LTE bands.
- Same plug-and-play functionality means no need for external antennas, cabling or subscriber configuration. Cel-Fi Pro is quite simply the easiest booster to install, ensuring users have a strong cellular signal within minutes after plugging it in.
- Color display screens deliver an easy-to-use graphical interface that provides a whole system view of installation and device status to maximize system performance.
- Enhanced echo cancellation delivers an improved signal throughout the coverage “bubble”.
- Full support for VoLTE to ensure continuous high quality voice calls, while simultaneously streaming high-speed data to other users.
- “Smart” band selection determines the most efficient and best quality bands in real time, including LTE channels that were previously too weak to register signals.
- Self-Organizing Network (SON) capability auto-configures, optimizes, and manages how Cel-Fi Pro fills gaps in indoor coverage. It also enables the deployment of the smart signal booster as part of small cell networks in enterprise environments.

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