Optiglow solves the problem of poor coverage

Optiglow solves the problem of poor coverage

A distributed antenna system (DAS) solves the problem of poor coverage by linking an array of antenna modules to a central controller, which then connects to the wireless operator’s base station. Unlike a cellular repeater, which collects in-building wireless signals to rebroadcast outdoors, a DAS includes all of the components of a cellular tower.  Because distributed antenna systems operate on spectrum licensed to wireless operators, an enterprise cannot undertake a DAS deployment without involving the operators. Optiglow designs, installs, commissions and provides all Carrier coordination for a professional and legal DAS system for it's clients.


  1. Una Villagomez

    My office has probably the worst coverage possible, as if you venture even 2 rooms away, you are instantly going to see just how limited the range of our WiFi service is. I am going to be looking into the Optiglow services in the future, to see if this issue can be fixed, especially since it is having a huge toll on our ability to work.

  2. Lucy Jackson

    I cannot stand the god-awful coverage in my building and this could come at no better time, when the company is trying to expand its horizons and deal with more customers than ever before.

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