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Optoglow provides In-building signal improvement

Campus mobile telephony -- In-building signal improvement

If campus dead spots are a problem, then another alternative is to undertake some in-building signal improvement. This is something that an IT department can do without going the full route of an enterprise-mobile integration, and it's something that...

Optiglow says DAS solves the problem of poor coverage

A distributed antenna system (DAS) solves the problem of poor coverage by linking an array of antenna modules to a central controller, which then connects to the wireless operator’s base station. Unlike a cellular repeater, which collects in-building wireless signals to rebroadcast outdoors, a DAS includes all of...

Optiglow on today’s technology providers and their solutions

According to Researchmoz, DAS, small cells and Wi-Fi deployments are expected to carry more than 60% of all mobile network data traffic by 2020. As today’s mobile users demand access to more content and the ability to share content from nearly anywhere, infrastructure must be...

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